Should I be thinking of using Cloud Hosting?

18 Sep

We all want to use the latest technology, but should I be using the Cloud. Chances are you are already using some form of Cloud Computing as most of the household names that we use every day are utilising the Cloud. However, you may be thinking should I be using the Cloud for my business or for hosting my website? Well the answer depends on a number of factors:

1. Does my current hosting provider already utilise cloud computing technology? If so you may already be benefiting from the cloud without you even knowing it.
2. Do you have an ecommerce site or a portfolio/brochure site? If an ecommerce site then a cloud hosting package maybe of benefit. If a portfolio or brochure site then shared hosting should be fine.
3. What is the usage profile like for your site? Are your visitor volume, conversions and purchases seasonal? If so the flexibility of a cloud server may be right for you.
4. Is your business in start-up? The cloud can definitely help here if you are expecting a ramp up in growth and usage.

We’re not suggesting that you’re missing out by not being in the Cloud, but its well worth your while speaking with a trusting Cloud Hosting provider to see if you can avail of improved service levels and of course and improvement in your bottom line.

There are three things you should have in mind when considering if a Cloud Computing hosting platform is right for you:

1. Are you getting more flexibility and scalability?
2. Do you have improved uptime and backup for your date?
3. Are you getting value for money?

We’ll be back with more insights on Cloud hosting shortly…..


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