Two Letter .IE Domain Names to be Registered for the first time…

15 Jun

Big brands and SMEs to vie for some of Ireland’s shortest internet addresses ever

676 possible combinations, like, and on offer.

Irish businesses will shortly be able to register two-letter .ie domain names for the first time, the IE Domain Registry (IEDR) announced today.

The move will allow for up to 676 possible two-letter domain name combinations, including,, and, amongst others. The exact release process and mechanism will be confirmed after a public consultation.

While many other international domain registries have allowed for one and two-letter domain names to be registered, like and, this is the first time Irish companies will be able to register a one or two-letter .ie domain.

There is expected to be intense competition for some domain names. This will apply in the case of company abbreviations, particularly where these are shared by one or more companies, such as HP, BT or AA. Additionally more general two letter domain names which describe a specific type of business or service such as HR are also expected to be in demand.

In the UK, when its domain registry made one and two letter domain names available there, there was a lot of interest, with 3 million pounds (€4.1 million) raised through the auction process. In the UK, global companies such as Facebook snapped up the address; Mercedes Benz acquired and the clothing retailer H&M secured

In Ireland the arrival of two letter domains will also have a political dimension with party domain names like, or all becoming available.

David Curtin, CEO of IEDR commenting on one and two letter domain names becoming available noted: “At IEDR we have been working for 15 years with Irish businesses, voluntary organisations and with individuals to help them register Irish internet domain names which are relevant to them or their business. Offering one and two letter domains is a welcome further extension of those services.’

“We are calling for interested parties to express their opinions during our 30 day public consultation process. IEDR’s policy advisory committee to the board (PAC) has worked diligently to consider the policy change and to build consensus among stakeholder organisations on the best release mechanisms. It is now the turn of the public to express its views.”

“.ie domain names continue to be the domain names of choice for a number of key reasons. For businesses they are guaranteed Irish as their owners have a proven real and substantive connection to Ireland. These Identifiably Irish dot ie internet addresses also give greater confidence to consumers due to their enhanced traceability and are also much safer, with lower risk of cybercrime and cybersquatting, than other generic domain extensions.”

“The availability of one and two letter domain names and the demand for them is certainly one to watch with interest. Many of our sister national domain registries across Europe and the world which have already been through this process. All experienced strong demand, often coupled with an intense bidding process. The UK’s recent experience suggests we can expect similar demand here,” added Curtin.

For those interested in acquiring a one or two letter domain name, they should make contact with their Accredited Registrar of choice, who will be happy to manage the registration process on their behalf.

Accredited Registrar List

The timetable for the registration process will be announced following the completion of the policy development process by the PAC and the board of the IEDR. The conditions which currently apply to all .ie domain registrations will also apply to this process, i.e. each applicant must have a connection to Ireland and a legitimate claim to the domain name sought. Where two or more companies or individuals apply for the same one or two letter .ie domain name and also meet the registration criteria, then an auction to determine ownership will take place. The highest bidder will be awarded the right to use the contested domain.

A public consultation document and FAQ are available to download from the IEDR’s website at


Google’s New Algorithm Makes Mobile Site Responsive Key Feature for Web Hosting

10 Apr

Google has announced that as of April 21st, mobile-friendliness will be a part of the search engine giant’s algorithm for determining result page rankings. In response to the growing number of internet users conducting searches with mobile devices, Google intends to improve user experience by favoring sites that are optimally structured for viewing on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. According to the official Google WebMaster’s blog, websites will earn a mobile-friendly tag beneath their SERP listing if they don’t require the use of horizontal scrolling, rely on mobile-compatible software, don’t require use of the zoom function, and have easily clickable links.

To meet these criteria, existing websites must be specifically outfitted for mobile viewing. Websites of all sizes, from e-commerce, to small business, to blogging sites, should take this algorithmic change seriously, this change will directly impact a site’s ranking. Not only will Google be less favorable to sites that aren’t mobile friendly, user experience is hindered when sites aren’t compatible, hurting site traffic and ranking even further.

With Google’s new algorithm, the best way to quickly and efficiently make a site suitable for mobile use is through the mobile site builder packages or mobile responsive-design services from a web hosting provider, says Danny Johananoff, Founder and CEO of web hosting comparison site This also means that website owners seeking out new hosting companies should place high priority upon those with mobile site builder packages or conversion services.

According to Johananoff, creating a mobile-friendly site through a hosting provider is advantageous because:

It’s cost-effective. Hosting providers that offer these services typically cost less than hiring a professional design team to complete the backend work necessary for mobile-responsiveness or mobile site creation.
It can be user-implemented. Depending on a website’s level of complexity, websites can be created for mobile use by site owners themselves through easy-to-use builder applications.
Users can leverage customizable design templates for expedited launching. For those interested in building a mobile website from scratch, services offered from hosting providers make creating a well-designed mobile site simple.
However, not all hosting providers currently offer mobile site builders or mobile responsive services, and those that do may not offer the extent of services needed to earn Google’s mobile-friendly distinction. As Johananoff notes, site owners will need to do their due diligence to find the hosting provider with the right offerings.


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Softaculous – Is it for me?

01 Oct

If you’re looking for an ‘off the shelf’ solution for your website then Softaculous could be for you.  Softaculous is the leading auto installer having some 310+ scripts available which means you can get almost any application with just the click of a mouse.

All leading hosting company will be using a common control panel such as cPanel, H-Sphere, InterWorx, Plesk and Softaculous integrates with them all. So once you’ve purchased your domain and hosting you can easily install the application that’s best for you.

The Top applications include – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, WHMCS etc.

Whatever you’re looking to create Softaculous is going to have something that will almost always fit.  The total 310 (and still adding) applications are catagorised into the following:

PHP include:




Image Gallaries


Polls and Surveys

Project Management



Guest Books

Customer Support



DB Tools




File Management


JS include:


PERL include:



JAVA include:


Project Management



Softaculous could save you time and money……


Is WordPress for you?

20 Aug

WordPress is becoming very popular and according to their official website powers over 17% of the web from blogs to simple websites to portals and enterprise websites.

The main benefits of WordPress is simplicity but there are many others, for example:

Flexibility – You can create any type of website, it’s just limited by your imagination.
Easy Theme System – You get two default, but you can create thousands from the theme directory.
Plugins – There are thousands of Plugins to choose from, so you can simply enhance the functionality of your site.
Search Engine Optimisation – According to their official website 80-90% of the work is done for you, not checked this out completely but many of the boxes are ticked.
Easy Publishing – Very quick and easy to add a post and publish in minutes. Use your PC, MAC, tablet or phone.
Multilingual – Publish in over 70 languages.
Media Management – Uploading images and video is child’s play. Want to embed a uTube video, just cut and paste the code.
Installation and Upgrades – Just one click installation and upgrading
Full Standards Compliance – You know that your site will be web compliant as set by W3C.
Own Your Data – No one else has access to your data, it’s yours.

Developer Features
There are lots of advanced features so that developers can get under the hood with, such as:
Plugins – Create and develop your own
Theme System – Create WordPress themes for customers by using the WordPress API to create themes as simple or as complex as you like.
Application Framework – Build an application with help from WordPress with translations, user management, HTTP requests, databases, URL routing.
Custom Content Types – For more flexibility you can add a few lines of code to create your own custom post types, taxonomies, and metadata.
Latest Libraries – WordPress has the latest script libraries. Including jQuery, Plupload, Underscore.js and Backbone.js.

Your hosting provider should provide a one click install from your control panel for WordPress.


Top 5 Hosting Companies in Ireland

13 Mar

After some research we found these hosting companies to be among the top in Ireland (in no particular order). We’ll be back with some other country specific Top 5

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Let us know if you know of any others….